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Mire se vini!

Z. Çelaj eshte nje nga biznesmenet me te njohur ne Shqiperi. Ai ka aksione ne biznese te ndryshme. Ai jeton nje jete mjaft aktive duke u marre edhe me aktivitete sociale. Ne faqet vijuese ju mund te zbuloni angazhimet ne fushen e biznesit te ndermarra nga z. Dritan Çelaj

Future Plans

  • Dritan Celaj

    Following are presented main aims and objectives of Mr. Çelaj regarding the future of its businesses

    1. The expansion of ATLANTIK in KOSOVO and FYROM.

    Mr. Çelaj aims to make ATLANTIK a regional business. He aims to enter the market of KOSOVO and FYROM taking in account the dominance of Albanian population in both countries. He plans to profit from the strong national feeling of the Albanian population in these countries.

    2. Plans for the construction business.

    - The Albanian government has planed to build a big Thermo-Central a Petrol Pipeline and a Big Refinery in the city of Vlora. Being on of the most well known businesses in Albania, Riviera plans to profit from this construction subcontracting most of the construction works in the project.

    - Riviera in JV with an Italian company will be one of the main candidates for the construction of two airport towers of the Airport of Rinas, Tirana.

    - Many other public and private projects are scheduled in the short and long term program of Riviera Company.

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